Bist Du bereit Deine Drachen zu zähmen???

By Mimi - Oktober 14, 2012

Ich fand diesen Text so großartig, dass ich ihn gerne mit Euch teilen möchte. Leider gibt es dazu keinen Blog oder eine webseite, jedoch eine Facebook-Fanpage: Yogis Anonymous  Like it! And don´t forget: sharing is caring :)

"There's a quiet voice within you that will guide you right to the center of your YES if you let it. This is the voice of your authentic self, and it is not capable of steering you in the wrong direction. It is calibrated in such a way, it's as if Joy planted a homing device inside it. You know the voice I mean because you've heard it. You may not listen to it, but you know that it's there. The problem with this voice is that it will not let you fool yourself. The voice will not allow you to duck or hedge or explain or justify. Sometimes that voice just breaks your heart. Because in order to follow it, you have to take action.

Change is so hard. Facing our deepest fears, pain, shame, guilt, rage~ these are the dragons that must be slayed. It's not an easy path. And the fear of stepping onto that path can be overwhelming. The voice of fear does scream. It screams because you are contemplating an upheaval of a system that has been in place for years, with all your coping mechanisms and numbing functions. Fear will punch you from the inside and say you can't and you're crazy. It will flash a slide show at you of all the faces who may be disappointed or devastated if you decide it's time for a new way of being. It will tempt you with the easy way, and try to coax you to back away from the ledge. To go back to sleep. Sleep may be shopping, or watching tv, or eating or not eating, or losing yourself in a relationship you know is not growing.

The thing is, that's not the easy way. The way of fear is the hard way. Denying that whispering truthful voice of your intuition is a slow crushing of your heart and your soul. The lights may be on, but no one will be home. Because you will have put that shining gorgeous YES within you in limbo. As if you have time. As if your days are to be taken for granted and the life you know you want to be living can wait.

Jump. Jump now. Be awake and face it. Because the thing about that tiny voice is that it's strong. It will not let you down or abandon you. If you start to move with it, you will find the power of a million Yes's within you. They have a gravitational pull, a contagious energy. You will feel yourself shift into the gear that's been waiting for you. Trusting yourself is such a relief. Letting that whisper grow into the voice that comes out of your mouth is a liberation that releases the weight of your fear to the wind. Get really close now, because I'm going to whisper something to you. That voice is the voice of love. Sending you some right now. " Ally Yogis Anonymous

Bist DU bereit Deine Drachen zu zähmen???

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